The North Quabbin Regional Landscape Partnership
Working together to identify, protect and enhance strategic ecological, cultural and historic open space within the
rural landscape of the greater North Quabbin Region.

The North Quabbin Landscape encompasses a beautiful tapestry of rolling hills, farmlands, expansive forests, wetlands, rivers and lakes. The region includes some of the largest remaining roadless areas in Massachusetts, and supports unique ecos≠ystems and animals dependent on large unfragmented forest blocks, like moose, bobcat, fisher and bear. Places like the Tully Trail, the Quabbin Reservoir, Barton’s Cove, and Mount Watatic provide exceptional recreational opportunities within two hours of major metropolitan areas.

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Forest Legacy Project, click here.

A Singular Opportunity…
In the next ten years, the future of our region will be decided. If we continue on our present course, the North Quabbin Region could see the kind of sprawling suburban development that has overtaken rural towns in other parts of the state. That could mean more housing tracks and malls instead of farmlands and forests.

But unlike other regions, we still have a chance to preserve our area’s unique rural quality of life. We can be stewards of our vast natural resources, and protect significant ecological, cultural and historic open space, while fostering smart growth and development and a vibrant economy based on working farmlands, managed forests and ecotourism.

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